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How Can Genealogy Help You?

Need Space


You’re the family history keeper. 

After years of gathering photos, heirlooms, and stories, you have stacks of boxes holding all the memories. 

Now, you’re starting to feel guilty because documents are getting moldy. Or stressed because all the stuff is taking up space rather than serving a purpose. And even maybe a bit resentful because everyone keeps sending you new things, without much thought about what you’ll do with it all. You’d appreciate some recognition by the family members who matter so much to you.

You want to find a way to keep the family memories safe and shareable for generations to come.

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Who Am I? Where Do I Come From?


Growing up, you felt so different from everyone else in your family. Perhaps you didn’t look like anyone. Or you had completely different interests. Or you just couldn’t understand why they thought the way they did. 

When you were little, you heard names of people who died before you were born or who lived far away, but you had no connection to them. You longed to feel as though you were rooted in something bigger than yourself, like you weren’t just some lost unicorn in your family’s backyard. But, instead, you felt lonely.

You’re ready to discover where you came from and who you are.

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Just want to know more about your family?

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