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How Do I Preserve the Memories and Not Give Up Space?


Of course you’ve tried to get organized before.

Putting things in boxes or photo albums. Writing names on the backs of photos. Trying to identify people you don’t know. Attempting to give things away. You’ve even considered selling stuff at tag sales. 

But you have yet to find a way to get rid of the clutter without losing the memories.


So how can you finally safeguard your memories while getting your space back?

In the last decade, technology has advanced rapidly. We now have the capacity to store beautiful images for centuries while at the same time dramatically expanding our understanding of our family history.

By combining the use of online genealogical research tools and digitization software, you can get organized, restore what’s been damaged, and safeguard your family’s memories and the people in them long into the future.

What Steps Do I Need to Take?


One: Prepare. The first step is to set yourself up to be successful in the project ahead. I recommend creating a success plan with specific goals so that you can avoid getting lost down rabbit holes, a living document to track your progress as you go, and an understanding of the steps ahead. You’ll also need to gather your tools for saving photos (which can be as simple as a smartphone!). Finally, it’s important to go forward with a mindset of possibility and courage, knowing that most roadblocks are in our own minds and that you really can do this.

Two: Research. The second step is to do the research, making sure to log everything as you go. Learning the ins and outs of research will make it fun and enjoyable, like solving a mystery. It will help you identify the people in the photographs and help you tell their stories. This will bring deeper meaning to the heirlooms and photos you have stored. Doing the research is the funnest part, so enjoy!

Three: Putting It All Together. This is where the writing I taught in the second section comes in to play. You already have your first draft done. Now, you just need to judiciously edit and decide how you want to publish it - ebook, hard copy, or just a website. I will teach you what you need to know and give you resources to help get it done.

  Finally a published family history that you can proudly share with the relatives. 

Why This Course?


Ever taken a course from someone who sounded like an expert, but seemed to have never hit a rabbit hole in their life?

There are two major mistakes or rabbit holes that most beginners make or fall into. The first is not recording their findings in a way that will help them later with brick walls, roadblocks, and organizing their findings. The second is not starting their writing right now, so they can have that finished family history. 

I have hit most of the rabbit holes in my genealogical journey, and I can help you navigate around them. This 12 step program I have developed teaches you how to avoid those Bright Shiny Objects that lead you down those rabbit holes. Here are some statements from a few of my students.

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January 4 · 

Ann is extremely passionate about her work. She is an amazing resource to have when you want to learn more about your past and family heritage. I would highly recommend. 

January 23 · 

This event was fantastic! I learned so much about the ins and outs of genealogy. I am excited to take what I learned into practice and see what I discover about my family and heritage.

Karen Dzendolet  Thanks for an informative evening on January 22nd!  Carol Simon Collins and I were impressed with the depth of your knowledge about genealogy, and your dedication to helping people find their family connections!


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